LR Studio 052Writing as T.B.HUMAN,  Lesley Williams – Halverson is a healer, author, speaker and presenter and entrepreneur.  Lesley writes about the insights gathered from real life experience.  Her own journey into healing her life became the catalyst for what was to develop over thirty years to become her life’s work into healing and developing a product line which was named TRUITY. 

A prolific writer, who has worked tirelessly to create a series of books which complement each other.  All three books are ready for publication and the last Workbook of 600 pages which deals with human conditions such as trust, love, fear, self-sabotage, addictions, etc. is in its final stages of development.  


Whilst working as a therapist and healer, thirty-five years ago, Lesley discovered that many New Age books and programs just didn’t provide practical wisdom to facilitate healing and empower people to change their life experience. Techniques required a lot of effort and did not merge into daily life routine, so Lesley set out to discover how the human psyche developed over a lifetime and how we as individuals evolved.

Lesley is fiercely passionate about issues which involve the empowerment and safety of people of all cultures and alleviating unnecessary suffering.   

All in all, Lesley is a woman of substance and very, very real


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