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an extract from the book PRACTICAL WISDOM

Living is the way we can be confronted again and again with everything we believe, and everything we fear, everything that limits our ability to live life with enthusiasm. Human consciousness yearns for peace, fulfillment, and the sense of belonging. These are the driving factors behind the experience we call life. The challenge life offers can either make us bitter, or it can get us to look at the part we have played in setting up our interactions with other people. 

Life is the result of every choice you make. For me, I am about living life, about pushing the limits, constantly. I have jumped on planes and gone to other countries with only a few dollars in my pocket. Other people would wait till they have a significant amount of money behind them before they would even think about doing such a thing. Not me. If someone told me there was something interesting up the end of the Amazon River, I would be in my canoe and rowing. Life is about experiencing everything I do with my whole heart – and still taking care of myself in the process. 

We all try to find the way to live life and have a sense of peace. Most people, however, seem to end up settling for half living life. They are the when-I-retire mob, or the “one day people.” I, on the other hand, feel I am definitely a “live” person. Today is all I have; who knows what tomorrow has in store? So I do it now, and I do it with passion and try to have fun at the same time. Existing is just not enough for me, I am afraid. 

Often the search for a sense of belonging and acceptance can lead us to search for companions in spirit, others who are like us. At various times, we will find soul family or companions in spirit along the way, but often we are only brought together for a short while during the journey. These connections are there to remind us that we are not alone, that there are other little pink ducks out there in the woods. I have been blessed to meet many of my soul family. Who are they? Members of my soul family are often very everyday people, but they are all exceptional people all the same, with a lust and love of life that is awe-inspiring. Some are old, some young, and some are in midlife, but they all have made the conscious choice to live life and not merely exist. 

Life can be a very lonely experience and the yearning to be safe and accepted the longing to be “home,” is something that has touched every one of us at some time or other during the passage of our lives. The need to find a sense of belonging is the fuel which drives the quest that touches the depths of souls and rocks the foundations of our lives, creating growth and hopefully a greater sense of internal freedom along the way. Don’t forget to bless your experiences along the way. 

Living in this world does not have to be such an isolated experience. The next time you walk down the street make the conscious choice to get out of your headspace and open your eyes. Look around you and see how true this is. We have forgotten the power of a smile and a nod. People seem to have forgotten how each of us has come with the same destination in mind. Life need not be the way we have created it to be. But how do we begin to understand? How do we make the first real changes that will stay with us for the rest of our lives? 

Whether you like it or not, every choice you have ever made, every second of your life, has led you to be living the life you are living right at this moment. Sorry, but the buck stops with you, just as it does with me. It is not that we have made the wrong choices, because I do not believe it is possible to do that. The choices we have made have often been for the right reasons. However, they have been unknowingly based on false values, and this has created the experience that makes up our lives. Every choice we have ever made has been made so that we can learn. 

Why would we choose to experience the hardship and pain of this physical world? We do so in order to remember to listen to the part of us which can keep us safe and aware. It is only when we are aware that we are able to experience a far more exciting and broader life experience and peace. What have you gained from the experiences life has given you? What qualities have you developed as a result? 

The truth is, you have gained incredible wisdom from every interaction you have ever had, and it’s only from healing your life that you can then be an inspiration to others to heal and grow. It is not what has happened to you in life that makes or breaks you, but what you as an individual soul do with that experience. Sometimes struggle and emotional pain are the greatest motivating tools we have, simply because when it hurts so badly, we have to find new ways of looking at life in order to gain the strength to keep going. 

People often ask me, “If you understand all of this so well, why has your life been so hard and out of balance?” This is a good question. The answer is, whenever our lives are out of balance, we must experience the opposite polarities in order to regain equilibrium. So, in order for me to make painful adjustments, the universe allowed me to experience the pain that drew my attention to qualities or attitudes within me which needed to be adjusted. The depth of my journey inward can only be reflected by how far I am prepared to go outward. On my journey, I had to face the fact that the limits of my thinking and my attitude actually limited my experiences. My choices were affecting my life. I have been able to bring a far greater sense of balance and stability into my life since I have seen these things about myself. 

It has been a long time since humanity has lived with inner peace, but with the coming of the new millennium on earth it is time for each of us to remember who we are and why we came. Each of us has a purpose; each of us is a facet in a diamond which shines so brightly it can be seen from worlds away. Each one of us is essential to the completion of the cycle. 

The greatest souls come into this world to experience the most difficult situations. I once heard that a sparrow doesn’t have to fly very far, so it just hops from limb to limb. An eagle, however, flies the highest and the greatest distance and must have strong wings in order to survive. Spiritual people are eagles; we experience the most and then use the energy of the experience to strengthen our wings, so we can fly the distance. 

After all, if you were not sure of yourself, do you think you would be able to stand up and be challenged without breaking apart? All that you have been through and will go through has been but preparation for the homeward journey. It has not been a punishment. Punishment is only a victim perspective, which is but an illusion.

Practical wisdom the book.What are your plans? Do you have any? Or are you going to wing it again. The good intentions new year’s resolutions have been flying about Facebook. Losing weight, getting a better job, being happier, taking a holiday, how many of your resolutions do you achieve?


There are some very important things to remember with new year’s promises, simply don’t bite off more than you can chew, make realistic goals and then you won’t feel you have let yourself down. Ensure your energy is completely aligned to the goal, for example: you want to write a book, then set a time every day to write something even if it’s only a paragraph what people don’t realise is manifesting is about creating muscles in the psyche, doing a small task constantly builds momentum, doing it hap-hazard does not build anything it just scatters your energy.

When you’re feeling fragile the most difficult thing is finding the right person to talk with - to share your deepest pain and confusion. Many talk to friends, family or co-workers thinking that they will understand and help them unload some of the pent-up energies. Sometimes this works, however what most people don’t understand is this, when you discuss deeply emotive personal experiences with another person who loves you they buy into your energy and magnify the situation. The fact they care so much can at times be the very energy which perpetuates the cycle of anger and hardship to continue. I guess you could say it’s like adding fuel to the fire. It may make you temporarily feel better, and yet on a spiritual healing perspective, someone has just added a gallon of petrol. Healing and being a healer has taught me more than I could ever have envisaged about energy and how to dissolve repetitive cycles and patterns. Most people at some time become aware that patterns repeat, you leave one husband or wife because of a problem and strangely enough a few years later you are in the same situation again. You stand there scratching your head asking why, how, and screaming this will never happen to me again! But why did it happen? What is the core deep hidden healing which needs to be uncovered and gently bought to light? When you work with a healer, a metaphysician they do things energetically which may seem on the surface they are doing nothing. There is no waving of hands or magical potions, no drama, no hard cures. The plain and simple fact a true healer has been where you are, had regained balance, and processed the healing of that issue gives them the greatest gift. They hold the space for you, and in holding the space, they see your spirit that pure part of you which is healed and whole. The fact they have no emotional investment in your situation also enables them to stay clear of the emotional pollution. So first they identify your soul, your spirit and your light, second, they reconnect you to that light and purity of balance, then they work as a conduit to bring that pure clear energy back into your field in order for you to move forward in pure positive light. A good healer will also add perspective to your situation providing new insight into how you can change the patterns. This is the service I have provided for my clients for 35 years. There have been miracles, and magic happen, lives touched change forever for the good.

The opposite of this is talking to people who become enraged at your situation, they get angry for you and over reactive. This perpetuates the spiritual energy which in fact holds you in the pattern. I am not saying don’t talk to friends or family to the contrary, just be aware that energetically dependent upon how you tell your story, and to who the outcomes can be very very different. My thoughts for today: T.B.HUMAN (t.m.) copyright 2017