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Choices coverart 3DIt’s all about attitude! 

BOOK OF CHOICES is T.B.HUMAN'S  gift to everyone desiring a fuller, more rewarding life…and prepared to make it happen.

Queensland, AUSTRALIA, Considered by many to be the layman’s guide to personal development and spirituality, Book of Choices is inspirational and empowering, highly worthwhile for those wishing a satisfying life.  

Author and creative thinker T.B Human did not awaken one morning and decide to change the world. Her life story is one of illness and obstacles, of overcoming challenges and moving forward. From these experiences evolved an insight into how the psyche not just survives, but triumphs. According to T.B Human, she learned to “walk a spiritual path in a physical world”.

Book of Choices is not a quick-fix for the ills of daily living. Instead, it reveals a process that guides one along a practical and yet highly consequential path toward a more balanced life. With this balance comes personal strength and confidence polished to a luminescence by the emergence of spirituality. 

Who better to lead this journey than a woman who, through decades of study and hard work, has discovered that life is what we make it…if we know how to proceed. The woman called TRUITY makes it possible for anyone desiring to restore—or even experience for the first time—that thrilling sense of balance that makes life so much more liveable.

About the Author

Businesswoman and entrepreneur T.B.Human on is an author and self-taught philosopher. A mother and grandmother, as well as a cancer and stroke survivor, she has built a following by using her life experiences to develop tools for building a satisfying and ethical existence.

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ISBN ISBN-13: 978-1-876776-07-7 (SC)
ISBN-10: 1876776072 
ISBN ISBN-13: 978-1-876776-08-4 (e)

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