Feathers in the Mist

Feathers coverart1990 -  During the early years of my struggle to heal my life and develop myself as a person, I began writing verse.  It was as thought he angels were wispering in my ear, and the Lord Jesus Christ my constant companion.  I was so passionate about changing my life from sadness and struggle to happiness.  These verses gave me strength and courage and above all they gave me the full understanding we are not alone, we are loved and often the road blocks in our path are to stop us from making a wrong turn.  

Originally published 1999 by Truity Australia this small book sold over 3 thousand copies and 5 thousand individual prints in Queensland Australia.  The orignal book was also applied to wall prints, containing art work so they could support and provide inspiration as well as decorate the home.  Prints will be available online shortly.     

81 pages.  


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