Practical Wisdom

PracticalWisdomcoverart 3DA powerfully insightful yet practically simplistic – easy to read – inspirational - relevant to everyday life – layman’s guide to healing, personal development and spirituality.

The manuscript is a treasure trove of tips and tools, woven together into a matrix rich with intimate and empowering insights gathered from walking a spiritual path in a physical world.  Packed with intimate details of Lesley’s real life experience, the story will inspire you to believe.  It will touch your heat in a way, which will change your life forever, and leave you empowered and confidant that you also can follow the path and to restore the balance in your life. 

Every page packed with insights a layman’s guide to practical spirituality combined with common sense values and principles.  Practical Wisdom is a user friendly no nonsense practical resource full of down to earth knowledge unveiling healing and spirituality, explaining the mysteries in such a way, it leaves the reader empowered and with self-worth re-established.

Published by Austin Macauley Publishers London  available from Amazon and on this website. 

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