I finished reading Soulful over the weekend, I've been savouring it and reading only a chapter or two each day. I loved it.  I am really humbled by your humility, pride and integrity.  That is something powerful worth sharing.  I gave the extra book to a client today, and it was that part of your book I was wanting her to see and feel.  The reality of the spirit world I suppose is what I feel you impart through your telling of it how it is that interaction with spirit is normal for people [as it is]. I would like to buy a few more copies of the book to have to share with clients and fiends too.  Love Sally Yasukawa

There is so much I want to say. You can't imagine how many similarities in our lives, about a decade apart. I've assumed I'd write a book and have beginnings and notes poked in all sorts of places, but I think I can consider it done!  I started reading Wednesday night and finished last night Thursday.  I'm not a big reader, most I start don't finish and have never read a book in under 24 hours. Thank You! Susie – Victoria

I received my book on Saturday, I’ve not been able to put it down, and I even took it to work on Monday!  The ‘Soulful’ is about so much than you could ever imagine, when you start to read this book you will start feeling connected to it, your feelings and thoughts will relate to so much of what I call the "Power Paragraphs,” what is written will wake you up to you the true you and to change, I am so thankful to the author of this book for this is the first copy off the line, my best purchase for 2014.  I am truly humbled and reassured that peace is just around the corner for all of us. I highly recommend this book. Maia Taemehana

I’ve been reading your eye and mind opening Soulful book, thank you again so much, your written words have made me cry and given me courage to change things in my life.  “mwah!”  A big kiss for your cheeks and this is from my heart.  I love your book so much it is helping my mind to think differently about things that hurt me, it is what I needed at this time in my life.  God bless you and thank you so much.  Cretia Johnson

Soulful is amazing, I just had to write to you and tell you, the book is hard to put down - easy to read, compelling, interesting and inspiring. For anyone who has asked the question[s] "who am I?" "What am I doing here?" and "what's it all about?" - This is a great insight into a woman's life experiences and how they have helped you to awaken to a greater potential.  It is so powerful I am taking my time though as it is also thought-provoking and helps you see your own life in a new light. Highly recommended.  Sharon K

Hello there Firstly, Happy New Year, may this year bring you more wonderful and inspiring gifts to share with the world.  The truth and realization of what you write speaks to me. I am still on my journey in life, walking my path, creating more dreams. You are an amazing person to reach out and help others like you do, thank you for helping me when I needed it, and I’d like to say Thank You.   John Clair

I’ve been reading your book for the second time. Your chapter—‘Past Life Calling’ made me think, well...You’ve got your book published. Now, what about the movie based on it? I think your story would make a fantastic movie, it has all the elements that would make it attractive to the public (Australian settings, adventure, real-life drama, romance, never boring, inspirational, with a touch of the esoteric). Once you complete Part II, you will have lots of material to select from to base a movie script on. It’s as good as Crocodile Dundee! Shine, and maybe ‘The Sapphires. Kath D.

T.B Human has produced a fascinating and very honest autobiographical account of her spiritual journey in Soulful. The book moves along at a lively pace with enough worldly adventure and metaphysical escapade to keep the reader riveted to the page. The book is laced with wisdom and insight, some of it coming from T.B Human herself, with the rest being from her spiritual sources. Soulful should be particularly useful to those who have experienced psychic and visionary experiences, and not been certain how to integrate them into their lives. It is not necessarily easy to experience these kinds of things. There can be challenges in coming to understand how to continue to live and relate to other human beings who do not necessarily understand them or accept them. T.B Human story provides a few cautionary insights for those who might be a little unworldly, in this regard. Soulful is an exceptionally good read and the reader will learn much from her journey. Marcus T Anthony (PhD), author of "Discover Your Soul Template" and "The Mind Reader

Thanks for sending me your book I have read up to page 129 and just love the book. I can relate to what I have read so far, it reminds me of my journey of confusion and seeking. I know I am much closer to my life purpose but still have a way to go. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I appreciate being able to read your story as it is inspiring me not to give up Cheers James Baban

Oh boy, that was a read I couldn't put down only my sleeping eyes could have the power to make me put down and sleep till the next day to rush around do my mummy chores just to keep reading your story. Such a great in-depth of how it is for someone that is gifted, and I believe we all have that but just some have stronger site n influence from spirit world. I have had small things from not the norm myself but nothing continuous and I haven't communicated or seen my guides...but yea I love your book and I bit a lot of gifted people can relate. So, thumbs up, I would read any more of your book in future ...would love to see your board help games come into the future...Bless your word. Love & Light... thankyou   Katarina Porter.

Kia ora Lesley and thank you for sharing soulful with the world. I've finished it, and just like the honesty in your writing. Years ago, one of my guides told me that spirituality was to live life, without experiences how can I start knowing who I am. That's what I felt from this journey/book I love simple, as a grandmother, my moko/grandchild will watch the sunrise and set, the stars and moon. There's something special about those moments. Lisa Wi.